How to use


Clean and dry the nail surface with hand sanitizer/alcohol wipes to remove oil and moisture

tip: better to remove the cuticle around the nail first

Use top coat/gel after adhesion can help for duration

Avoid wetting hands within 2 hours after sticking (recommended to use before going to bed)


Take out the nail strips and choose an appropriate sticker (a little smaller than the nail).
Place and press it gently to tip side to make the nail sticker completely fit the nail surface.
Use a file to scrape off excess part in one direction along the tip.
Hardened the stickers under natural light or a nail lamp (with nail gel)is desired.

Soak nails in warm water/ apply skin oil to weaken stickiness.
Use a small wooden stick to pry up the edge gently. Avoid tearing which hurts the nail cuticle.

tip: If there is residual glue left on the nail surface, wash hands with soap/ alcohol wipes to remove.
It is recommended to apply hand cream/nail care product afterwards.


Nail stickers will be harden exposuring to light. Please store in the packaging bag and keep in a cool place.

Do not use for purposes other than nail stickers

If allergies or skin abnormalities after use, please stop using it and consult a dermatologist as needed.

The durability of nail stickers varies from nails’ condition and environment.

Duration maybe shortened soaking in water like bathing. Please dry your hands quickly.

Please use asap after opening.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not place near the fire source, avoid direct light source or high temperature.